We take care. THEREFORE

Because a clear conscience only leads to a beautiful smile through authenticity

Because nature always has the best ideas for us, we want to think of something for them

We support various environmental protection programs and organizations that are committed to protecting nature. This month our donation goes to the Rainforest Alliance

Sustainability within nanura:

Production: We manufacture all of our products exclusively in Switzerland. Whenever possible, we use local suppliers for our ingredients

Glass - We chose glass for the flacons because it can be recycled more efficiently than plastic. For this reason we ask you to dispose of the bottles in the green glass container

Bamboo - We use bamboo for the lids and sleeves, as this rapidly renewable raw material is a sensible alternative to plastic. The untreated bamboo can be disposed of in the organic waste or on the compost

Cardboard - Our boxes come from already recycled raw material. We ask you to close this circle again and to send the parcels on a (further) journey at the cardboard collection point

Paper - The paper wool used in our packages also comes from recycled raw materials. Please dispose of these in the waste paper

Plastic - Due to the parts that have to be made of plastic for production reasons, we support the Swiss organization The Sea Cleaners to compensate. Please dispose of these components in the plastic waste