uniqueness, authenticity and
Honesty in line

Because we have the natural structure
as our role model, we try to create something that is both meaningful and effective
to create environment. That means we produce exclusively in the
Switzerland, in a small friendly family team

  • Bath salts

    "nanura bath salts - Himalayan salt crystals together with blossoms, combined with... 

  • Creams

    "nanura creams - exclusively natural ingredients and no use of palm oil... 

  • Oils

    "nanura oils - the basis is formed by four high-quality types of... 

  • spray

    "nanura sprays - are aromatherapy at the push of a button, are ethereal fragrance mists, charged with different Hertz frequencies"

  • essences

    "nanura essences - consisting of one hundred percent pure essential oils, which in different constellations offer a variety of effects"

  • creams

    "nanura creams - exclusively natural ingredients and no palm oil or paraffins whatsoever, protect the skin and ensure a high level of skin tolerance"